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The City In Which I Love You

The City In Which I Love You is a short experimental documentary film featuring the May 2012 annular eclipse, as tree leaves refracted sunlight to splash thousands of crescents upon a white wall in the Mission District of San Francisco. Condensed through tiny tree-leaf apertures, the slivered sunlight and moon shadow ebbed like kinetic paint strokes. As wind tousled tree branches, the animated illumination of the "ring of fire" rippled in achromatic waves, revealing and concealing the light. Since the annular eclipse won't repeat on the U.S. West Coast until 2023, that day many people lined the streets to watch the partial eclipse through solar glasses. However only three people appear in this meditative film, momentarily enhancing the magic realism of this rare astronomical phenomenon. While filming, Julie listened to Peter Broderick and Machinefabriek's Kites, so she chose the song as a soundtrack for this nine-minute film. The title The City In Which I Love You is adapted from a poem/collection by Li-Young Lee, and the film itself is part of her ongoing series Love Letters at the End of Time. With gratitude to the brilliant musician Peter Broderick for permission to use Kites.