The Time We Broke From Time

My Hiroshima poem “The Time We Broke From Time” was printed in 2016 in Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands by Shabda Press. I’d written the poem in 2004, yet it didn’t find a home for twelve years. Although set in the 1940s, the ongoing threat of nuclear war keeps this poem sadly relevant. The anthology contains the symphonic voices of 163 poets living throughout the United States and world, in countries such as India, Britain, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, South Africa, Guam, Singapore, Poland, Australia, France, Vietnam, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Germany, China and Pakistan. We meditate together on the impact of nuclear power and warfare on human life and the planet. Proceeds from sales of the anthology will be donated to the Women’s Center in Downtown Los Angeles. ‚Äč

  • Date: March 4, 2016

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