Björk at the Craneway

One of Julie’s favorite performers, Björk, performs a song during her Biophilia concert at the Craneway, a 45,000-square-foot glass-enclosed pavilion in Richmond, California. Writes Whitney Phaneuf, “The set list, mostly composed of tracks off Biophilia, moved seamlessly between up-tempo, bass-heavy songs like ‘Crystalline’ and slower, harmonized ones like ‘Dark Matter.’ A few of Björk’s older tracks were peppered in between, including ‘Hidden Place’ and ‘Pagan Poetry’ off 2001’s Vespertine, both of which fit into Biophilia‘s overarching theme about the intrinsic bond between living organisms.” For her last song, she asked that everyone stand and sing along triumphantly, “Declare independence/Don’t let them do that to you.” The song Declare Independence is an anthem to resistance against colonization and repression. That song’s brilliant music video was directed by Michel Gondry.

  • Date: May 25, 2013

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